In Production


Chris Kelly


Patrick Bodenham


Last Night at Junior’s Place is a rolling, lyrical film, set in present day Mississippi it tells the untold story of Junior Kimborough and the musical mecca that was Junior’s Place. This film explores the thorny legacy of his music and life, telling a story that resonates across America; one of abuse, exploitation and appropriation of black lives, culture and music by white power. The film is a unique and timely exploration of the enduring impact of the white gaze on black lives. It is told through the lens of Sherman, the descendent of a slave owning family. Orphaned aged 12, Sherman was raised by his black servants and found a place to belong with Junior’s family through his love of music. Sherman would spend more than eight years filming inside Junior’s place, capturing hundreds of hours of unseen footage on his Hi8 camera, first of the revelry and joy of the Sunday night sessions, attracting throngs of local hill-country farmers, descendents of the first free African Americans in the United States, and later the influx of white people, including celebrities like Iggy Pop, The Rolling Stones, U2, Annie Liebowicz, Led Zeppelin, who came to listen to, and ultimately profit from Junior’s sound.


Last Night at Junior’s Place is filming throughout 2023 and will be released in 2024.